The Acer Predator Helios 16 may fly under the radar among 2022’s volley of flagship gaming laptops, but its muscular components can easily power popular titles at 1440p while its 165Hz gaming display provides gorgeous fluidity.

Outfitted with Intel’s powerful Core i7-12700H Alder Lake CPU with 14 cores and RTX 3060 graphics, the Helios 16 is more than equipped to deliver triple-digit fps across popular titles with settings cranked. The RTX 3060 may not compete with top-end laptop GPUs, but Ampere architecture enhancements and DLSS powers plenty of gaming prowess at 2560 x 1600 resolution.

The 16-inch 165Hz QHD display pops with vibrance and fluidity, while narrow bezels translate to nice immersive potential. 100% sRGB coverage and 300 nits peak brightness further bolster its gaming credentials. Other niceties include a comfortable RGB keyboard with solid travel, capable thermals given turbo power limits, and a bevy of ports.

With multiple configurations spanning 3050 Ti to 3070 GPUs, the Helios 16 lineup has an option for many budgets. Just know that thanks to holiday deals, you should never pay full price. If you game at 1440p and prize display clarity over 4K lunacy.

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Dmytro Ya

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