Take your gameplay up a notch with Samsung’s rapid Odyssey G8 curved gaming monitor. This 34-inch QLED display combines a gentle 1500R curve with a speedy 175Hz refresh rate for immersive, high FPS visuals.

AMD FreeSync Premium Pro adaptive sync eliminates tearing and stuttering for super smooth frames across its 2560×1440 resolution. An extremely fast 0.1ms response time keeps motion razor sharp in fast-paced titles.

Inky blacks and vibrant colors come courtesy of QLED quantum dot technology layered over the high-contrast VA panel. HDR performance receives a boost too for nuanced definition and luminosity.

Connectivity covers the essentials with HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, USB-C and dual USB inputs provided. Extensive tilt, height and swivel adjustments cater the streamlined stand to your ideal viewing position.

If you desire immersive ultrawide visuals with bleeding edge speeds for gaming, Samsung’s 34-inch 175Hz Odyssey G8 curved monitor delivers the total package. The QLED display and 1500R curvature pull you deeper into digital worlds.

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Dmytro Ya

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