Designed specifically to provide lag-free gaming performance, Netgear’s Nighthawk Pro XR500 utilizes intelligent QoS software to accelerate gaming network traffic dynamically. This allows the router to detect gaming streams and prioritize them over other bandwidth-hungry activities happening on the network like streaming video or music.

The XR500 also employs advanced Geofilter technology only available from Netgear to limit gaming sessions to nearby geographic servers. This further reduces latency and ping times by avoiding connecting to distant multiplayer hosts hundreds or thousands of miles away. Such pro-level optimizations can make the difference between smooth, responsive play or unbearable lag in competitive online gaming.

On the hardware side, the Nighthawk Pro XR500 features a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, fast dual-band WiFi, and four high-performance external antennas to provide excellent wireless and wired throughput throughout your home. Useful software allows easily customizing your network’s performance directly from a gaming dashboard interface.

For competitive gamers playing fast-paced online shooters or MOBAs where every millisecond of delay matters, the Nighthawk Pro XR500 has the tools to optimize connectivity tailored explicitly for gaming domination.

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